Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pets Linky Party

I didn't get a chance to post ideas from last week...BUT when I saw this pet Linky party, hosted by Ladybug Teacher Files, I figured I could take 5 minutes on this rainy Sunday evening to post a few pictures of my precious pup!

 No...I am not obsessed with the dog!

Here is Rocky...our 1 year old lab mix puppy that we rescued last July from the SPCA. He went from the worst living situation to living like a king the minute we brought him home. He is still learning (and nipping) but there is nothing better than coming home to unconditional love every afternoon!

Yes, this is totally unrelated to teaching BUT Rocky often provides great material for when I model my own writing during Writer's Workshop. Plus, I find myself having to tap into the same patience with both first graders and puppies some days.

Back to actual teacher blogging soon!

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