Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Classroom Almost Done

 I got A LOT done in my room yesterday and today. I would have gotten a lot more completed if it weren't for the earthquake?!? I'm just glad I was in my room without students and that everyone is safe!

Here is a picture of my whole group area from the door. I'm so excited for this carpet because I am going to assign each of my students a seat according to their class number. I just love how the carpet has squares already on it, which makes it easy to define personal space and send children back to their seats. ("Everyone sitting on a purple square may go back to their seat.")

I have also moved my word wall to the front of the whiteboard. I rarely write on the whiteboard so I figured this would be a better use of space. I love the mini red pocket chart attached with velro on the front of the big book/chart paper stand. I plan on using this when I introduce whole group sorts.

The main feature in the front of the room are my student mailboxes. I am embracing student numbers this year, which has allowed me to pre-label a lot of things in my room before actually getting my class list. Hopefully I will finish up on Thursday, before teachers must be back for training on Monday. More pictures to come!

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