Monday, June 10, 2013

What it's all about...

I had one of those moments this afternoon...teachers know what I mean. One of those times where we get a glimpse into the effect we are having on little people and their family's lives everyday. One of my former first graders came back to see me with his mom. They had heard I was leaving at the end of this year and wanted to come by and say thank you. It was this mother's genuine expression of thanks, even a year after I had her son, that reminded during this last week of school of the impact I've had over the past four years. It was refreshing and I hope to have more moments like this in my new school. To all my former students and their families, yes it is true I have been teaching you, but in all honestly you have taught me more about myself and this world in the past four years then you will ever know. Thank you GPMS family!

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