Monday, July 9, 2012

Great Room Building Website

Look at me back again in the same day. I couldn't resist. I found this awesome resource on Pinterest and had to share. I loved my room set up this year, but wish I had more space for a big calendar bulletin board. Unfortunately my bulletin boards are at the back of my instead of drawing out 2 rooms I created each version on this great website, UrbanBarn (I know weird name). If you go to the site you can drag over and design rooms of varying dimensions all for free. Although its not meant for teachers, they have enough variations of furniture that I didn't have any trouble finding a kidney shape and all kinds of squares, rectangles, and circles. You can even add color if that makes you happy. It was super easy and together both of my designs took about 20 minutes to complete. Here is how they came out! (Sorry they are blurry...they look clear in their original form).

 Design your own classroom or play around with a new design here.

This Year's Class Set Up (with the carpet in the front of the room)

Version #2 with the carpet in the back of the room with more space (for some reason the carpet isn't showing up but it should be in the lower right hand corner.)

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