Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ikea Finds and Other Randomness

I have finally started working on my endless list of summer projects for school. It took me June and most of July to compile the list, so I better get moving! Today my Mom and I took a trip to Ikea. I forgot how great the prices are there for everyday stuff that I use in my classroom. Here are two things I picked up today. I can't wait to use the hangers (which were only $1.50 a set) for my Pinterest inspired poetry hanging system. Last year I used a 3M adhesive hook and one of those skirt hangers with the clips. It worked well, but you could only hang 4 poems before it got too heavy. This year I'm thinking of getting some more 3M hooks and using this Pinterest idea. This would also be great for anchor charts if you are low on wall space.

My other great bargain was this lamp for my classroom library. My old lamp bit the dust this past year and my kids felt so bad. I am a big fan of lamps in the just makes it more homey feeling. I picked up this little white base and colorful lamp shade for $12! I don't think you can get much cheaper then that. I also decided that I am going to go with a black/bright color theme for the room. Other bloggers have shared such cute ideas for this color scheme that I can't wait to get started. 

 My other bargains came from the 50% off aisle at Michaels. I plan on using this bright orange tub for clipboards and whiteboards or maybe for my listening or buddy reading station...not sure yet. I also loved these lanterns to hang somehow. 

Here is the look I'm going for ...

You can check out the rest of this great blog by 2 sisters here. I love the black bulletin boards and simple use of color. Now onto finishing The Daily 5 book...I can't wait to try some new ideas in my work stations this year!

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