Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 1 Classroom Project

Well I went back into my classroom today all ready to get the furniture set up and start on bulletin boards and what did I find ... much to my dismay all of my furniture was still in the hall and our floors hadn't been waxed. So I moved on to plan B... and at least started on my bulletin boards. I actually think it might be easier in the future to do all my boards first, before moving furniture in the way of them. Here is my new word wall. I used painter's tape this year to make boxes and hopefully provide a little more structure for my first graders when they use the word wall. It only took me 3 tries to get the painter's tape even!


I didn't get a chance to finish the left side of the board, but I plan on continuing the paper onto the white board to make that side bulletin board larger. Then I will use that space for my calendar wall...

I'm thinking of going with something like this...
From The Lesson Plan Diva

So when I got home I finished up some other projects that I didn't need to be at school for. I loved how Mrs. Wills tried to embed learning everywhere, even in how you label your tables. Here are my work collection containers, labeled for each table. Grab her freebie here

I am almost done with the birthday board, and also cut the felt pieces that I will secure to the bottom of the chairs with rubber bands to cut down on noise. I am starting to think there is not enough time to get everything done on my list! But I'm also getting to the point where I can't plan out any more details or I'll drive myself insane. I can't think about color combos or borders or colorful baskets any longer. Guess it's time for school to start!

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