Friday, August 3, 2012

Fantastic Friday Finds!

I can't believe it's August already! With a week before our next vacation (to the beach this time instead of a farm), I figured I'd better get moving on the to do list I posted about last time. Today was a great day. It took me all summer to "pin" all my ideas, but I finally feel like I know which ideas I'm going to create. I spent the morning printing, cutting, laminating and cutting. My guestroom/office has been transformed into craft one point I had the laminator, hot glue gun and printer all going while I was Mod Podging...needless to say my husband left me alone for the day. He knew I was in my element!

Then I visited every teacher's favorite places: The Dollar Tree, Target and Michaels. I stuck to the Dollar Spot and clearance aisle for the most part and found some great things. (These are just the Dollar Tree finds)

 Here are the projects I completed today and can now cross off my ever growing "to-do" list!

Pinterest Project # 1: Pencil Management (adapted from or here)

Pinterest Project # 2: Welcome Banner & Math Wall Banner (adapted from or here)

Pinterest Project # 3: New Word Wall Letters (adapted from or here). You can see the letters in the picture above.

Pinterest Project # 4: New Work Station Icons & Signs (adapted from Mrs. Jones' Creation station or here)

I also made these cute signs that I plan on hanging on 3M hooks somewhere in my room. I found the printables here. While I was at the Dollar Store I picked up 2 black frames and some colored ribbon and the whole project came together for $4! 


I stocked up on bright colored plastic bins for the classroom library and table book baskets. My students only have a few minutes before they go to resource in the morning, so I have found that having them read from the book basket is enough to keep them quiet in the morning (and easy for me!)

Tomorrow's Projects:

1. SOLs with ribbon
2. Writing station 
3. Transportation Display
4. Job Chart
5. Birthday Board

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Anonymous said...

I think your classroom is SUPER cute! I love how organized it is! Good luck with your school year!! :)

-Brooke @ teaching with a tiara