Monday, September 3, 2012

First Day of School "Must Haves"

The playdoh is made and the plans are done. Labels are printed, folders stuffed and my first day of school outfit is all ironed. It is the night before first grade and as always I have butterflies. I'm excited to meet my new class and nervous about the unknown. Every Labor Day weekend for the past five years I have waited anxiously to meet my class who I will be spending 7 hours a day with. I am sure some of them are nervous tonight too. So what do I do to settle my butterflies? Obsess over my plans until they are memorized, think of a million "get to know you" activities and collect every read aloud possible about being kind, being respectful and being a hard worker. I think I'm ready!
 Here's the playdoh nice and bright!

Here is the newest addition to my back to school read aloud collection. I'm excited to share this with my class this year as I teach our classroom rules. I also purchased this great packet from Jennifer Findley. I love the positive behavior vs. negative behavior sort and class rule booklet. It was a great time saver for me today as both of those activities were on my to do list to create.

I'll be back tomorrow with a recap of my first day! For now this teacher is off to relax!