Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Work Station Pros!

We are into our fourth week of school. My little first graders are getting VERY good a work stations since we spend time during our reading and math block working in them. Here are few snapshots from our literacy stations this week. 
Writing Station: So far students have enjoyed writing back to school cards to each other, lists, stories and labeled pictures. This writing unit is from Mrs. Will's kindergarten. Check it out here.
Work Work: We are currently reviewing beginning sounds and short vowels. On Monday and Tuesday students sort and write their sort. Then on their second visit to this station they may stamp their sort or work on sight words.
Pocket Chart Station: Students work together to sort our whole group sort, and then they practice segmenting the pictures and writing the word on whiteboards.
Read to Self: I love how the Daily 5 teaches reading stamina. I have noticed a big difference in the classroom library, as well as during our D.E.A.R time and warm up read during reading groups. I looked over from my teaching table on two separate occasions and snapped these priceless pictures. They were SO into their books.
Read to Someone: Checking out the morning messages and using a pointer to reread them
These girls are doing a great job in Read to Someone station. Poems are a big part of my Read to Someone station. Students can practice pointing to the poem, put the poem back together (from cut up sentence strips), or read big books.


Lizzie said...

Nice job Kate! Looks like your students are doing great with stations!

Kate said...

Thanks! They are getting there : )