Friday, January 6, 2012

Clutter Free Classroom Week 1

I'm linking up with the Clutter Free Classroom Project to share some before pictures of some areas that need some serious organizing. I decided to link up and follow this project because I truly believe that staying organized and thus maximizing time on task is a crucial part of teaching young children. After 3 years of teaching in the school system I am currently in, I have learned that my students need seemless transitions and as little down time as possible. Thus I have to be organized and ready to go 24/7...which I'm not sure is really possible, but it's worth striving for. So here I am sharing my pictures of areas I hope to declutter by buying plastic bins and sorting through them next week. Becuase when you need a thumb tack or the magnetic roll of tape you need it NOW and you better be able to find it before chaos breasks out!

My teacher space in the back corner of the room needs some serious decluttering. It's the space I gave the least thought to at the beginning of the year and it's time to tackle the mess!

This drawer drives me crazy! Every time I open it I can't help but shut it right away. And I just keep throwing more stuff in there. My desk doesn't have any drawers so this is where I throw everything instead.

I love the look of this basket to hold files and other small notebooks etc,.

It looks like I'll be at the Dollar Tree and Big Lots this week picking up storage containers and maybe some type of shelves to put behind my desk on the counter. Hopefully I'll have a post soon proving that I decluttered this area. I'm also working on a "passport" that will help us learn how physical surroundings affect transportation, recreation etc (SOL 1.6 here). It was one of my favorite units last year and I'm looking forward to sprucing it up. Happy Friday!

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Ms.M said...

Not too bad. Maybe some containers for the little items in the drawer will help out.

Ms. M
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Littlest Learners said...

Thanks for linking up. I think what you wrote about not having down time and limiting transitions is so true! Don't go buying storage containers just yet. I'll be talking about that in the next few weeks. You'll want to purge first and then see what you have for need and space. Enjoy the weekend! ❤Jodi from...
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Jill said...

I have drawers like yours too! My desk does have drawers and they are gigantic, so things just happen to fall in there when I don't want to look at them anymore! :)

Marvelous Multiagers!