Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Beginning of Something New

I'm back! After a year and half a lot has changed and I'm ready to get my blog back up and running. Big changes are coming for my little blog as I transition into my next phase of education. I spent some time going back and reading some of my older posts and realized how grateful I am that I started posting classroom updates five years ago. I've come a long way since my first year of teaching and I know great things are in store for my future too...even if I have no clue what it looks like right now!

For now, I'm excited to start working on my Teacher Pay Teachers store and a new name/direction for this blog. It's something I've always wanted to try and now seems like the perfect time. Lucky for my colleagues at my most recent school, I will be using them as guinea pigs to test out all sorts of ideas across grade levels and disciplines. 

Like many of you I have spent hours and hundreds of dollars on TPT looking for the right curriculum resource. I have always loved solving problems in my classroom by coming up with new creative ideas…but as a classroom teacher, time is limited and especially when I became a mom and teacher, I found myself just finding the closest resource that was applicable to my problem and paying someone else for their ideas. I’d get excited about a new purchase but sometimes after downloading it I would realize it wasn’t EXACTLY what I needed. I have always loved the planning process and my detail-oriented self LOVES lesson planning and curriculum development. 

Now I’m finally taking the leap and starting my own Teacher Pay Teachers store. I’m dying to know what resources you would like to see or what little seed of an idea you’ve had but just don’t have the time to create while getting ready for a new year. I want to hear from you!

Check back soon for my TPT grand opening!

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