Monday, June 13, 2011

Mama, Is It Summer Yet?

I know this is THE question on everyone's mind at my school! So today we read Nikki McClure's book, Mama, Is It Summer Yet? As I was reading this book to my class, I realized that my planned lesson on schema was good, but my students were more into guessing what season Mama was describing to her child. A light bulb went off in my teacher mind and I decided that this book would also be a great review for the Science SOL on I created these "book bits" to use tomorrow as a follow up lesson.

I plan on cutting each excerpt apart and passing them out to small groups of students. Their job will be to guess what season their "book bit" describes. Then we will come back together and discuss each group's inference. The objective is for the students to realize that all of the "book bits," except for one,  are a description of spring because spring comes right before summer! I will ask them what season MOST of the book takes place in. After we discuss our inferences and conclusions, I will have students choral read the book with me one more time.

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