Sunday, June 5, 2011

Under the Sea Unit

With just 2 more full weeks of school, I am determined to keep our schedule consistent while planning some fun activities that we finally have time to do. I loved the under the sea painting that Really Roper shared. This will definitely be one of our art activities this week.

Here is a math station game I just finished making for our Under the Sea unit. We are going to review time in math because we need more practice! I have some activities in the "Time" math station basket that are harder (i.e. they work on telling time in 5 minute increments), but my students who are struggling need to practice time to the hour and half hour... click below for the game!

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Hadar said...

This is great, thanks! I just introduced telling time to my kinders and they definitely need as much practice as they can get!

Miss Kindergarten