Friday, June 3, 2011

Poetry Notebooks

I planned to share some of our poetry notebooks from our duckling unit we finished a few weeks ago, and low and behold Just4Teachers also posted on poetry notebooks. I will definitely be borrowing her idea about having my students autograph each other's notebooks.

Recently, one of my students was out for a week and I sent home some work for her to do with her mom. One of the things I put in her bag to work on while she was out was her poetry notebook. Her mom called me and told me how much she loved looking through the notebook and seeing not only how much more complex the poems became over the course of the year, but also how her daughter's illustrations became more detailed. I can't wait to send home her notebook complete with the end of the year poem and autographed class picture ! I hope it is a keepsake my students will hold onto and maybe even read over the summer!

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Just4Teachers said...

Thanks for stopping by. My whole blog is about my class' poetry journal scrapbook. I got tired of the old, boring poetry journals and decided to do my own thing with my kids. The last 2 years, parents and kids have told me how much they love their journals and what a keepsake it is! That's what I want them to create, something they will continue to read even after they have left 1st Grade. I am moving to 2nd grade and my Summer Project is to create a journal that will have a connection to our reading curriculum. I cannot wait to get started!!! :)
Stay tuned...more fun stuff to follow.